It’s all about being unique really. Embracing art by living in it and surrounded by it is a feeling of vibrancy. The idea behind this studio is to offer one-of-a-kind, hand-embellished fashion that stands out from the crowd. We love up-cycling and pick out only the best quality and stylish apparel to embellish. Pieces are available to purchase and there is never a duplicate, only one.

Custom embellishment is the best way to have the perfect fit with your choice of theme. If you’re into sunflowers or leopards you can have it designed and painted on a denim garment you send over. It really is a unique style choice that reflects your love of particular things. It’s perfect if you are someone who likes to wear pieces that no one else owns.

Reach out to us using the contact form to find out the details.

Louis Miller was born and raised in Queens, NY. With an affinity for nature’s beautiful contrasts of feminine and masculine shapes and colors, this influences the designs that spring from the paint brush. His current work is affectionately called in your nature and features painterly brushstrokes on items new and up-cycled for a standout approach to style. It’s all about living with art and being original in what you wear and carry. Painting is an act of love and it has the power to excite, flaunt, soothe, and seduce. It’s in your nature to feel good among floral, fruit, and wildlife.




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Painted by hand One-of-a-kind Apparel and accessories